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The tornado is a column of air which rotates violently, touching the earth surface and a cloud of the cumulonimbus type. It’s known for its destructive properties and there are hundreds of cases each year where people die as a result of a meeting with a tornado.

There aren’t that many forces capable of as much violence in nature, not to mention the fact that they are unpredictable. Their unpredictability is the thing that makes them so dangerous, because a lot of people are surprised by their appearance. Learn more

What Climate Watches and Warnings Indicate

What Climate Watches and Warnings Indicate By: Tyler Mootispaw Have you at any time been observing tv or listening for the radio and have an unexpected emergency climate notify interrupt your programming For those who have, did you listen towards the notify in question In case you did, what action did you get Sadly, there

The Importance of Updates During Significant Weather

The Importance of Updates During Significant Weather By: Greg Jackiewicz Does one reside in an location that is definitely prone to extreme climate No matter if that climate is significant thunderstorms, serious snowstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, it can be important to stay up-to-date. Remaining up to date in the middle of serious weather is incredibly

Preparing to Defend One Against Storms

Preparing to defend one against storms By: Mona Faurrieta Storm shelter is actually an area or a structure that’s designed to protect people in weather emergency situations or extreme conditions. In several regions of the entire world people have underground storm shelters. However in some circumstances it’s preferred to built storm shelters across the ground.

Taking a Look At Emergency Preparedness Kit At Home

Taking a Look At Emergency Preparedness Kit At Home By: Heart Perkins Every the country possesses its own certain assortment of extreme weather conditions. The southeast lives through hurricane season, tornadoes threaten the heartland for much of the year and the northern states might go through months of below-freezing climate conditions. Regardless of where you

Protecting The House From Storms

Protecting The House From Storms By: Heart Perkins A lot of people think about hurricanes and also tornadoes once they think of home damage after a storm, but the simple truth is that damage may appear in almost any type of storm. Actually in many areas of the country, a summer thunderstorm or winter snowstorm

Tornadoes Explained

Tornado Explained

The tornado is a column of air which rotates in a violent, usually counter- clockwise rotations in the Northern Hemisphere. Approximately 1 in 10 tornadoes rotate clockwise. If they touch the earth’s surface it is considered a tornado. If it does not reach the ground, it is not a tornado, but a funnel cloud. Both

How Tornadoes Are Formed

Tornado Forming

Thunderstorms are quite common in nature and one of the types that is most destructive, is the one that produces a tornado. In this article you will learn a bit about the way these tornadoes appear and what causes their appearance. For the most part, the collision between huge air volumes is to blame when

Preparing for Tornado Season

Tornado Season

A tornado is an unpredictable force of nature, one which often hits without giving people the chance to prepare. Since they are moving fast and they are so dangerous and impossible to predict in advance, being prepared for one is a must for any family. A number of steps detailed below should be taken in

The Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale


A tornado is measured and rated based on the Fujita tornado scale, which goes back to 1971. This rating is given based on how much damage the tornado has made to the vegetation and the structures made by humans. The scale goes from EF0 to EF5, from weak to extremely dangerous and with various wind

Tornado Detection Methods


For the last few decades, scientists have kept trying to learn more about tornadoes and about the way they are formed, in an attempt to be able to predict them and their movements. Prior to the 1950’s, one could only detect a tornado if he saw it. Weather offices often knew about these tornadoes only