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Tornado Survival Tips

Tornado Survival Tips

One of the first things that people learn about when it comes to safety in the case of a tornado is that they should look for a shelter underground, since that’s usually the safest place to be. The problem appears when there aren’t any cellars or shelters in the area to go to. If you

Tornado Warning Signs


The tornado is one of the most destructive forces of nature, capable of destroying entire towns, leveling houses, businesses and throwing cars at long distances. While there is no clear way of figuring out on your own if a tornado is coming, there are some warning signs you can follow, which might give you an

A Look at Tornado Shelters

Tornado Shelter

Thousands of people are affected by severe weather conditions every year. There are certain areas where these weather conditions take place all the time and that’s where tornado shelters make the most sense. Experts are trying to learn more about tornadoes and about the way they are formed, trying to make it possible to predict

Packing a Tornado Survival Kit

Tornado Survival Kit

While hurricanes give you plenty of advance notice, a tornado can appear in just a few minutes, as long as the conditions are the right ones. There is no time for last minute preparations when that happens. Once the sirens start and let you know that there is a tornado coming, you already have to

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley

The term Tornado Alley is usually given to a certain area from the US which is often visited by tornadoes. This Tornado Alley region spreads over the areas of the  central plains to the Southeast, Mississippi, the lower Missouri River Valleys and Ohio, generally lowland areas. There are no states which are completely free of