Protecting The House From Storms

Protecting The House From Storms

By: Heart Perkins

A lot of people think about hurricanes and also tornadoes once they think of home damage after a storm, but the simple truth is that damage may appear in almost any type of storm. Actually in many areas of the country, a summer thunderstorm or winter snowstorm can produce high winds and wind bursts which can cause damage to your home without advanced warning. Storms may also include lightening and hail, and the heavy downpours in some storms may cause flash flooding.

Trees and Branches

Fallen trees and branches increase the risk for the most common type of damage in storms. These branches can fall on homes, damaging the roof or can pull power lines down, causing significant power outages. One of the most effective ways to protect your home from a storm is actually by checking trees for large, dead branches that pose a danger to your home. A roofing company in Davison MI can perform an inspection and advise you if any close branches should be removed. It is wise to consult with a professional tree remover before planning to remove those branches yourself for those that suggest a threat to power lines.

Roof Damage

Loose shingles usually are another area where home damage may occur during a storm. Seek advice from a roofing company in Flint MI so that you can schedule an annual inspection of your roof to figure out if any shingles are loose or damaged. Additionally, clear all gutters and downspouts of debris to prevent rain damage to your roof during heavy storm downpours, as flooding is among the most common types of damage to homes during storms. Blocked downspouts might also damage your roof and siding.

Remove Loose Items

Flying debris can also cause damage to your home during a storm. When bad weather is predicted in your area, whether it is the potential for strong thunderstorms or freezing rain and snow, moving all loose items from decks, patios and lawns is one of the best ways to protect your home from damage should the wind become severe.

Home damage during storms is often caused by a number of factors. Fallen trees as well as branches, flooding from blocked gutters and downpipes, as well as loose and broken roof materials are the most frequent ways your home can be damaged during storms. Also, you have to remember that any storm could potentially cause significant damage to your home, not just hurricanes and tornadoes. That is why, protecting your home from storms before they arise is very important to prevent damage. Contact a roofing company in Davison MI or possibly a roofing company in Flint MI to make certain your home is protected before the next storm.

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