Tornado Survival Tips

Tornado Survival TipsOne of the first things that people learn about when it comes to safety in the case of a tornado is that they should look for a shelter underground, since that’s usually the safest place to be. The problem appears when there aren’t any cellars or shelters in the area to go to. If you live in an area which is known for its tornadoes, you should learn about the way you can protect yourself and the things you should do in such a case. Below are some tips on how to survive a tornado.

Finding Shelter

When a tornado is announced, your first thought should be to find a cellar or a basement to stay in until it’s over. If a basement is not available in your house, going to a hallway or in the bathroom is the next best thing, as long as they are interior rooms. You shouldn’t anywhere be near a window when a tornado is coming. If the bathroom is the place you want to go to, you should stay in the tub, or you can sit under a structure that is solid, like a big table or the staircase. If neither is an option in your case, get a mattress and keep it over the head, in order to protect yourself against flying or falling debris. Using a sleeping bag, heavy blankets and mattresses to soften any possible blows is a good idea. If you are in a basement, attempt to position yourself in the southwest corner, crouching and hands over the head. Most common direction that tornadoes travel are from the southwest to northeast.

You should avoid mobile homes and cars when a tornado is near. Both are problematic when a tornado is coming, because they can’t offer the same amount of protection as a regular house. If you can’t get to a shelter in time and you’re out in the open, look for a patch of land that is lower, or for a ditch. Stay in it with the face down and with the arms covering the back of the head.